Point of Sale and In-Store Displays
We have appropriate in-store display units and point of sale material. The location of such in-store displays requires capture client first impression; however we believe that it is imperative that the displays are positioned at a point in the store that is manned.
All displays of Five Iago Company signs, posters stand and display stand in the front window. These attract consumers into the stores.
Five Iago core target market resides within LSM 3-7, ages 8-60, Black, coloured, Indians, whites and also covers small, medium and big business, private and public schools.

Our advertising campaigns communicate a simple value proposition – a high demand reputable product at the best price, available at a partner store, for increased impact and awareness we select specific areas with targeted print media (for example, Flyers, Posters).
  • Introstats
  • Interstats
  • Mustek
  • Kolok
  • Westcon
  • Smart Office
  • Ricoh
  • Olivetti House


  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Dealers
  • And public at large.